Company introduction

Chongqing Changan Zhi Yang automotive electrical limited liability company established in 1999 by Heilongjiang Taisho investment group limited liability company holdings. The company has excellent research and development, management and staff, adhering to the automobile electronic products in the world's advanced production technology and the latest technology, to the development of high technology, high level automobile EFI system parts and components products as the main body of the high-tech enterprises. The company mainly produces ignition coil, PCV valve, carbon tank valve, sensors, such as more than 100 kinds of automotive electronic environmental protection products.

The registered capital of Chongqing: 2175.67, 000 employees: 247 (engineering staff: 40 people, accounting for 15%)

Total plant area: 17.5 mu (11672m2) total construction area: 12324m2 plant area: 10063m2

Office building area: 2261m2