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Chengdu Auto Parts Industrial Park project started ceremony was held in Chengdu

Date: 2016-07-28 Pageviews: 11131   

October 21st, the Southern Group China Chengdu Changan Auto Parts Industrial Park project started in Longquanyi District, Chengdu District Park held a grand park. Deputy Secretary General of the Chengdu Municipal Committee Lv Yi attended the ceremony, general manager of the southern group, the company president Zhang Baolin speech, industrial park, the relocation of the headquarters of the general command Wu Xuesong presided over the ceremony.

Zhang Baolin represents the southern group and company to the construction of the park headquarters and enterprises in the park expressed warm congratulations, to express our heartfelt thanks to you for the relevant departments of the Chengdu municipal Party committee, municipal government and Longquanyi District Party committee, the district government support. Zhang Baolin said, the project started construction marks with advanced technology as the core of the auto parts manufacturing industry has now entered a new higher stage of development, will promote the transformation and upgrading of China Changan Automobile parts industry, will promote the Chengdu City auto parts industry to high-end development. Future, China Changan will seize historic opportunity for the rapid development of China's auto parts industry, under the care and support of the local government, the Chengdu auto parts industrial park construction has become a domestic first-class and industry benchmark.

Longquanyi District vice mayor on behalf of the Yin Nianhong local government congratulated north project started construction, and that the local government will pay to support the construction of the park, hope the early completion of the project put into operation, in order to make a positive contribution to the local economic development.

Chengdu parts industrial park project covers an area of 623 acres, a construction area of 20 square meters, plans to put into operation in the three quarter of 2017. The project is China's Changan implement South Group "three tough fight" the overall requirements, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the important measures for spare parts industry, to enhance the parts enterprises manufacturing level, to speed up the development of enterprise has very important significance. Products after the completion of the project, Castle Peak Company, construction and installation company, Jiangning Shanchuan, China Sichuan power and Ningjiang Showa etc. five enterprises in the park covers transmission gear shaft parts, DCT automatic transmission device assembly, alternator, start and stop the motor, a rain wiper motor, an electronic steering device, a car with shock absorber and parts of motorcycles and other car parts business, the formation of the advantage is obvious, leading core technology, business plan development, scale advantages highlighted, have their own advantages of the development of industrial cluster.

To attend the ceremony and, Chengdu City by the letter appoint deputy inspector Miu Yuling, Longquanyi District Party committee secretary Liao Rensong, mayor He Xun, director of the District People's Congress, Chen Lijiang, South Group southwest department, deputy party secretary, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Lian Jian and development planning department deputy inspector Feng Liyang, vice president of the company just and admission enterprises leadership and staff representative.

After the commencement ceremony, Zhang Baolin, LIANGANG research Ningjiang Showa, Denso, Jiangning Shanchuan and Jian'an company four enterprises in Sichuan, visited the four production lines of business and technology center, new product showroom, listened to the various enterprises responsible person about 2015 production by camp, new product development and quality improvement report, to the enterprise to obtain the results affirmed, and the request for the next step work. Integrated management department, Chengdu parts Industrial Park, North District, the relocation of the headquarters of the relevant research and leadership.