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Changan, China's four companies were "national 100 outstanding auto parts suppliers" title

Date: 2016-07-20 Pageviews: 12979   

On December 3, the 12th "national 100 outstanding auto parts suppliers" selection activities in Shanghai announced, China Changan's four companies list on the list, the Dongan power, east steam hair won the annual "outstanding engine suppliers," the title, Castle Peak company won the annual "outstanding transmission system suppliers," the title, Tianyan company won the annual title of "excellent engine accessories and emission system supplier".

"National 100 outstanding auto parts suppliers" selection activities by the "China Auto News Agency in 2004 founded, is currently only for auto parts suppliers in the contest, held has drawn the attention of country inside and outside the automotive industry, authority, top level buyers, many of the media. Contest to select the industry elite, establish a model for the industry, lead the development of the industry for the purpose, adhering to the principles of scientific, fair, just and open, by the purchaser, industry leaders, industry experts and senior journalists jury, according to the evaluation standard for the participating enterprises review is a comprehensive grasp of China auto parts market demand dynamics of a powerful platform, in-depth understanding of the frontier technique of auto parts quick way and a full range of enterprise to increase brand visibility, and the industry reputation stage show. Activities through the enterprise registration, recommended industry and so on seven aspects, the selection of the best engine supplier, good braking system suppliers, excellent general parts, body accessories suppliers, outstanding automotive electronics, electrical supplier, excellent new energy suppliers ten categories total 100 outstanding performance and great prospects for the development of enterprises.